Banbury Cross Indoor Bowls Club – Gala Day Sponsorship

Oct 8, 2018 | News

Edd was really pleased to have been approached by a committee member of the Banbury Cross Indoor Bowls Club last July asking if the business would be interested in sponsoring the club and their Gala Day that is held at the end of the indoor season. Naturally he was delighted to accept and have their Gala Day named “The Edd Frost & Daughters Gala Day” in honour of the sponsorship.

The club members, who meet at Woodgreen Leisure Centre from September to April, all met together on Sunday 6th April from 10.00am to compete in teams of three in the Gala Day and for the chance to win the prize money.

Many congratulations to David Gardner, Sylvia McKenna and Alan McColl who were the worthy winners in a hard fought out final. Edd was pleased to be in attendance during the day and to be able to present the winning team with their prize money.

Whilst at Woodgreen Leisure Centre, Edd also took the opportunity of being photographed with club Chairman John Bone beneath the sign that shows support and sponsorship to a very friendly sporting organisation in our community. We’re also happy to report that we were once again asked to be the sponsor for next year.

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