Barbra is now a Company Director

Jul 25, 2019 | News

You may or may not have all seen from recent postings that the last two months have been the most challenging and testing times for me with my professional and personal lives entwining. June certainly was an upheaval and to lose so many well-loved characters from my life in such a short space of time has almost certainly tested my own mental health. (Something I firmly believe that we all need to check from time to time). Funeral directors or professionals that work on a daily basis with bereavement and similar challenging situations are certainly not immune to this and sometimes we do have to remind people that we also have feelings.

Next week I’m looking forward to a week away with my own family as the long summer holidays begin and schools take a good break. I’m so very lucky to now be in a position to have the most caring and dedicated team members to steer the ship along and continue the services we provide in my absence navigated most ably by my colleague Barbara Scrimshaw.

With all the sadness recently, it didn’t feel quite right to share and celebrate the six years that we have been in business now which was on 3rd June. WOW!!

During these six years Barbara has been a huge part of our journey and has made up a part of the furnishings and fabric of the business brand that I wanted to create over six years ago. In fact she started her employment with us five and a half years ago.

Since that time Barbara has supported myself and Sophie as the business has grown. She has also helped to assist me in bringing in the colleagues we required as the business grew that fitted the criteria needed and with her skills in teaching and installing the high standards we strive to achieve of a daily basis.

On this basis, and quietly delighting in our six year anniversary, Sophie and I were so pleased that Barbara recently accepted our invitation to become a Company Director. Barbara’s passion and commitment to her job, and the roles she so diligently carries out on a daily basis, are quite incredible, added to the fact that she constantly has to put up with my rantings!

Barbara, along with Sarah, Chris, Paul, Ann and Nigel, my trusted colleagues, all believe and certainly share my dream of providing the service that so many of you have supported us with over the past 6 years.

I finally feel safe enough to take leave for a few days (without stressing out too much) to recharge and, repair a little, to be ready to return and take up the rewarding task once more of serving our community that we all here adore so very much.


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