Fairport’s Cropredy Convention – Jonah’s Oak

Aug 6, 2020 | News

This coming weekend would have been Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival which would have seen thousands of music fans descending upon our local village of Cropredy to gather and enjoy the weekend’s line up of music.

Sadly like many other events, due to Covid-19, the festival had to cancel in an effort to stop large gatherings and the further spread of the virus.

Over the years Jonah’s Oak has become a place that many ‘Fairporters’ have adopted as a memorial location for fans of the band, the festival, members of the Fairport crew, their friends and indeed band members and their families.

We have, for the past few years, overseen the upkeep and care for the existing memorials upon the oak itself and more recently become the contact for families wishing to remember their family members and friends upon the posts that now also surround the tree.

In past weekends we have ensured that we are on site to assist family members in attendance with the dispersal of cremated remains and small memorial services that have been arranged during the festival itself and throughout the year.

This year as ever we have arranged for the memorial plaques to be cleaned and positioned once more in time for the weekend as normal, however in line with the Fairport Convention band members and organisers of the festival, we strongly advise people not to attend Cropredy over the weekend.

Of course are aware that the weekend is an important event for those that attend to visit Jonah’s Oak specifically to remember loves ones so we though we’d bring Jonah’s Oak to all by means of social media to assist.

Thank you to Fairport Convention for providing the musical track from the 1986 Cropredy Festival.

Head to our Facebook page to watch the full video.

Stay safe all of you and see you all next year!

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